How to shop Kroger.

Get a Kroger Card. First and foremost. Make sure when you turn in your paperwork at Customer Service for your Kroger Card that you give them your home address. You want to be on the snail mail list for Kroger, because they send monthly coupon books AND quarterly personalized coupons to you at your home, and these are AWESOME coupons, people.

Kroger will triple your coupons .35¢ or less, and double your coupons above that up to .50¢. (up to 3 of the same coupon per transaction) So buy things in 3s, if you are stocking up, to maximize your coupon savings. At least that's what MY Kroger does, please call ahead to your local Kroger to find out exactly what their coupon policy is before you shop.

Remember, you can load Cellfire coupons here, P&G eSavers coupons here, and Shortcuts coupons here, directly onto your Kroger Card! Do this first, then find paper coupons or print internet coupons for the same things and stack your coupons for extra savings.

To see all the Kroger Weekly Specials on the Kroger Website go here
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