I wanna go home and play with Kurt Vonnegut.

I am working my way thru the New York Times best-seller list.

Do you have a two-year-old who screams

"Mommy! I wanna go home and play with my Kurt Vonnegut books!"?

I do.

Raises a few eyebrows when it is said in public.

We have 300+ books in this huge bookcase in the livingroom, in alphabetical order, and for some reason Luka picks out every Kurt Vonnegut book, every day, lines them up on the table and talks to them.

For like half an hour.

Maybe it's the fat Futura Extra Bold typeface the titles are in that he fancies.

Maybe it's the candy-colored covers of this particularly old collection of Vonnegut paperbacks.

Maybe he is the reincarnation of Kurt Vonnegut.

Whatever it is, it makes him sound like a freakin' genius in public when he starts wailin' for Kurt Vonnegut.

So then I get to smile smugly. And you know we mommies are always looking for opportunities to do that, especially when the rest of the time those little creatures drive us to drink.

So, where did we get these 300 plus books you ask?

A used book store.

Why we choose to use a used book store.
We like a particular used book store in our city because we get books, we read them, and then we return them for store credit on an account to get more books. This is the first place we look when Quinn needs a book for his summer reading list, or when my husband has read a novel so many days in the hot tub that it falls apart before he gets to the end.

Repurposing and recycling is everyone's responsibility, and incorporating books into our family's recycling plan seemed like a natural. And, it's profitable. We're literally and literarily livin' off our initial donation of old college text books, former book club books, coffee table gift books, and books our moms thought we ought to read.

And should Luka take a fancy to someone new, we can trade-in Kurt Vonnegut for the next author-du-jour. It's hard to predict the literary tastes of a two-year-old.

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