The programs at CVS.

The money-saving programs at CVS

Extra Care Card: Sign up for this card at the register. Once you have it, go on-line here and register it to receive CVS emails (which sometimes contain CVS coupons!) They'll also occasionally send snail mail with coupons to your home as well.

Extra Care Bucks: (ECB) You earn these in two ways. 1) you are given a percentage back of your quarterly spending in ECB. ECB are CVS dollars to use to buy anything you want (except prescriptions and a few other exclusions) 2) You can earn ECB by buying certain items advertised in the weekly newspaper circular and on-shelf. Oftentimes, there are items you'll end up with for free because you get the same amount of ECB as you paid for the item.

When you get good at "rolling" your ECB, you'll be using last week's ECB to pay for this week's purchases and so on. Then, CVS is pretty much paying you to take stuff home, and your out-of-pocket costs are minimal.

CVS Coupons: (CRT) These print out either at register with your receipt, or from the scanner machine usually located somewhere else in the store. Be sure to scan your CVS Card every time you go to CVS at the scanner machine before you shop. You may get a coupon you can use on that very trip, like a $5 off $30, or a coupon for something free like a bottle of CVS ibuprofen. The best thing about CVS CRT coupons is that you can "stack" them with a manufacturer's coupon on the SAME ITEM.

Print manufacturer's coupons to use at CVS here.
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