Ocean Spray Craisins Crunchy Lunch Wrap recipe.

Seeing as how we have what you'd call a nut addiction here, Sam at Oh Nuts! in Brooklyn, New York thought he'd get our expert opinion on some of his delectable goodies. Since Brooklyn is the current cultural center of the universe, and I of course aspire to be Brooklyn-cool, I heartily agreed. He didn't even seem to mind when I told him that Hurricane Luka prefers to stick them in his diaper instead of eat them. 

He kindly and promptly sent us some dry roasted (and kosher by the way) Almonds and Pistachios. For those of you not familiar with kosher, I explained to Quinn that it means these products are created to WAY higher standards than the rest of the stuff in the grocery store. These nuts are the cream of the crop. And they've been blessed. Hey, next to added vitamins, I'll take a blessing any day. And Sam sending us some free tasty treats, well that would be a mitzvah on his part, or a good deed. Thanks Sam

As we drooled waiting for the mail, we imagined what all we could do with those nuts, well, besides shove our faces full of them. You should have seen the Happy Pistachio Dance that Quinn did when the UPS guy showed up with those. DH smiled a little bigger at the sight of those almonds. Both are completely gone. 2 days. No protein deficiencies in this house. 

In honor of those incredibly fantastic pistachios, Quinn wrote the following Pistachio Acrostic (this seems to be the favored literary device of 6th grade poets):
P - Perfect snack
I - Is always great to eat
S - Salty
T - Tasty
A - Awesome
C - Correctly made
H - Hungry? Then eat pistachios from Oh Nuts!
I - Interesting
O - Outstanding
S - So these are mine, go get your own.
Quinn even created some "found object" artwork (well, from the shells he found all over the kitchen) for the top of this post, and took a picture. Neat, huh?

One of the next things I'd like to order from Oh Nuts! are pecans and cranberries. You see, last year, Quinn entered the Dallas ISD Cooking Contest, and placed in the top 10 with his "Boingo Burritos", winning a cook's gift basket with a mixer, oven mitts, spoons, etc. We were mighty proud of our little Emeril. 

Boingo Burritos
Dump in your food processor:
1/2 bag of mini peeled carrots
1 peeled and de-seeded cucumber
1 cup of leftover turkey meat (or turkey or ham lunchmeat)
1/4 cup of Ocean Spray Craisins
1/4 cup of pecans

Dump in a bowl:
1 small container of sour cream or Greek yogurt
1 small brick of soft cream cheese

Spread sour cream/cream cheese on some flat flour tortillas. Dump some of the turkey/carrot/pecan/cranberry mixture down the center of the tortilla. Sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese. Roll up.

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