Are you using Cellfire virtual coupons?

Remember when I told you about brand new Cellfire virtual coupons to load on to your grocery loyalty card? These coupons are just magically loaded onto my Kroger card, then when I buy that item at Kroger, my Kroger card tells the register to deduct my coupon! I don't have to do anything! They've had me dancing in the grocery aisles for awhile now. I am so excited to share these with you, NATIONAL READERS, because YOU can load these grocery coupons for stuff you buy all the time on to your local grocery loyalty card here.

Cellfire offers both virtual coupons you can load on your grocery store card, AND virtual coupons you can load on your cellphone (for places like GameStop, Arby's and Taco Bueno). I'm starting out with just the Kroger card coupons myself, adding them on there to mingle with my Shortcuts coupons (other virtual coupons).

You can load coupons on your grocery store card without using your cellphone, you just do it on the computer. Don't worry! They'll walk you thru the sign-up on-line when you get there, it's very easy. Then, every time I visit I log in with my cell phone number and load up some new coupons to use.

These are the grocery stores that you can add Cellfire coupons to their grocery store cards. Hopefully, this should just about cover most of my national readers. Yeah!

Kroger (IL, OH, MI, LA, TX)
Ralph's (SC, NC)
King Soopers (CO)
Fry's (AZ)
Baker's (NE)
Dillons (KS, MO)
City Market (CO)
Jay C Food Stores (IN)
Smith's Food & Drug Stores (UT, WY)
Payless Markets
Scott's Food & Pharmacy
Tom Thumb
Families can save on dozens of top products each month from their favorite consumer brands like General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Pepperidge Farms, and Del Monte. Current deals include (check out other deals here):
1. Save .25¢ on COTTONELLE® Toilet Paper
2. Save $1.50 on Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste
3. Save $3.00 on Huggies
4. Save .45¢ on Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
5. Save .55¢ on Cheerios

To get started, just access the Cellfire digital coupon service through any computer (you can click on the banner in my right hand margin, or this link). They select the coupons you want to use, and the coupons are immediately loaded to your grocery savings card. Simply present your card at checkout like you always do, and the discounts on your qualifing purchases are automatically deducted from the total bill.
My next trip to Kroger, I'm gonna be scoring on that $3 off Huggies coupon, how about you? Go load up and check it out!

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Faith said...

Sure wish there were some Oklahoma Stores! Sounds like an awesome deal!

Mrs. Mom said...

Why haven't any stores in NY jumped on this bandwagon yet. It sounds like such a fab idea.

Lea Ann said...

I know, right? Hello, Gristedes...I thought y'all were cutting edge in NY.

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