Stalk Market: Shopping at Fiesta.

Readers have been asking me where I shop, what I buy and what deals do I make. Truthfully, since I built up my stockpile last year, I don't shop much except for milk and fruit and bread. But, about once a month, I'll pick a store and do a full-fledged, up and down every aisle shopping trip. Mostly to see what I can get for almost free, like a game. (Cheap thrills for mommy.) And so I can get a better idea of how area stores stack up against each other on packaged goods prices.

Last week, I chose to go to Fiesta. There are four of them less than 5 miles from me, and the particular one I went to sent me a $10 off $35 coupon in the mail last week (which of course got me motivated to see how low I could make $35 worth of groceries go). I used this "starter" coupon, which is very rare to get from a grocery store, to build my purchase as close to $35 as I could get, and only buying items that I had coupons for that were also on sale. That way, I would make my money go further. As it ended up, I got $44 worth of groceries for only $16 when all was said and done.

Overall, I typically wouldn't recommend Fiesta for packaged goods as it seems that they are overpriced on these items as compared to Kroger and are even higher than Tom Thumb if you can believe that. I would however, recommend Fiesta for produce and meat, as THOSE prices are FAR below Kroger's and Tom Thumb, while the quality is equal.

Another tip for shopping at Fiesta: the ones with bakeries have pastries that in my opinion are every bit as good as La Madeleine, and at 1/3 the price. Also, several Fiestas have huge World Market sections with foods imported from every country of the world.
Here's what I got for my $16.33 (I know! It's alot, right?):
1 box of 16 Eskimo Pie brand Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars
2 fresh pastries from the bakery department (Palmiers or Elephant Ears, don't know what they are called in Spanish)
1 24oz bottle of Hunt's ketchup
5 cans of Ranch Style Beans
1 bottle of French's Spicy Brown Mustard
2 Kraft Easy Mac Cups
1 Velveeta Easy Shells Cup
1 bottle of Nakano Garlic Wine Vinegar
1 bottle of Sue Bee Honey
2 packages Borden Cheese Singles
2 1lb bags of Mahatma Brown Rice
1 package Wacky Mac pasta
1 package No Yolks Egg noodles
1 package John Morrell Smoked Sausage
1 package Oscar Meyer Beef Franks
1 package Maggi Tomato Soup Mix
2 cans Bumblebee Tuna
3 black plums
3 peaches
2 cucumbers
6 bananas
4 kiwi
2 white onions
1 bunch broccoli
1 bunch celery
2 zucchini
5 Granny Smith apples
4 Fuji apples
I used my Nakano Rice Vinegar free item coupon that I told you about here, and my free Oscar Meyer hotdogs coupon that I told you about here, and my free Hunt's Ketchup coupon I told you about here, and that helped considerably toward bringing my total down. Fiesta does not double or triple coupons, nor do they take internet printables, so I used only coupons that were over .50¢ that I couldn't have gotten better mileage out of elsewhere.

Lesson Learned: You can make good deals on groceries anywhere. Look carefully, have an open mind. And don't pass up those $10 off $35 coupons when they appear in your mailbox! (I could kick myself for ignoring the one I got the week before.)

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