Why mommy loves Dillards Clearance Center.

Around 5 or 6 times a year, my family makes the pilgrimage (ok, it's only 20 minutes) over to Arlington and my dear husband and I take turns going into the Dillards Clearance Center while Hurricane Luka lays passed out in the car seat in the back. We like to hit the Dillards Clearance Center around major holidays because they mark everything 30-75% off the already 30-75% off.

We can usually find really nice men's shirts and get 6 of 'em for about $40. Crazy right? Including fancy brands like Calvin Klein. That's like buy 1 get 5 free in my book.

Dallas readers, your Dillards Clearance Center is located here. On the way back, hit Agua Azul for lunch like we do. It's right on Main Street in Grand Prairie which turns into Fort Worth Avenue. This is the ONLY positive restaurant experience we have EVER had with Luka. He sits. He chills. Eats chips. He sings along with the mariachi band. He watches soccer on the BIG tvs. He talks to all the girls and tells us what color their server soccer uniforms are. He eats like a champ. It's actually pleasant. We have fantastic ceviche tostadas and beer served with frosted mugs so cold the foam on the beer turns into snow in under a minute.

Kansas City readers, your Dillards Clearance Center is here at Ward Parkway. Sorry, got no lunch recommendations in that area. But if it were me I'd find the nearest Gates & Sons BBQ!

And since Dillard's seems to be keeping these Clearance Center things a secret, I'm not sure how to find out if the Dillard's near you is a Clearance Center or not other than typing in your zipcode here and finding the Dillard's closest to you. (It will say on screen if it's a Clearance Center.) If you get lucky and find one, remember to hit it around all major holidays to see what the Dillards Deal Fairy has left there for you!

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