Free Kindle Book: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.

The convergence of my dimming eyesight and my very kind husband left me this holiday with a new magical toy called the Kindle. The Kindle is a reading machine made by Amazon smaller and thinner than most novels. It allows me to make type so big it would make the Readers' Digest Large Print editor sit up and take notice. Now I am able to resume my previous hobby of reading every book on the planet. I used to be a librarian remember?

The first book I downloaded on Christmas Day was The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. This is one of those classic literature reads full of the drama and misery surrounding a Lithuanian family who moves to Chicago from Europe in hopes of creating a better life. And well, some Socialist propoganda and a grisly description of sausage making thrown in for good measure. It takes place in the 1920's in Packingtown, which is where the meat industry was based. You think you have it bad? Read this book and your life is a picnic comparatively speaking. You don't know for cold until you walk a mile or six in Jurgis Rudkus' shoes (or lack thereof).

Anyway, I highly recommend this book, and it happens to be FREE to download into your Kindle if you have one, or you can get Kindle software for your PC here. Or even read it on your iPhone with the Kindle Reader app here. Get The Jungle here.

As I read books again now, I'll blog the free Kindle ones to you this year!

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Momma said...

What a good hubby! I got one last year and LOVE it. I check Amazon every few days to download the freebies.

I had to read the Jungle in college and can totally see how it turned Roosevelt's stomach. Ugh.