$1 Day at the Dallas Zoo.

DFW Readers: Thursday July 15th, throw the kids in the car and head over to Oak Cliff in Dallas to the Dallas Zoo for Dollar Day! Go early is my best advice.

Of course, if you are a member then you always get in FREE and get free parking! The Children's Area is an excellent place to let toddlers run around, pet farm animals, see fish, balance on the spiderweb ropes, sit in the big bird's egg, climb the tree slide, and splash in the rock river. (Bring a swimsuit and towel for the little ones.)

They can bring backyard artifacts and trade them in at the trading post. Bring a picnic lunch and it's a whole day's adventure. It is especially an adventure if your preschooler, like Hurricane Luka, tries eats the wood chips, won't come out of the underground tunnels, and runs out of the restroom naked before you can get his dry clothes back on him. Guaranteed passed-out-baby-in-the-backseat-car-ride-home, though.

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