5 free Children's Literature Classics ebooks from Barnes & Noble.

Download 5 FREE eBooks of Classic Children's Literature from Barnes & Noble's eLibrary. Get Alice's Adventure in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Peter Pan, Little Women, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. (This might be a fun way to get your tween started on classic literature that they're gonna have to read for school anyway!) Or, you can read 'em again yourself, cuz they never get old.

You can read these with Barnes & Noble's Free eReader app on your iPad, PC, Mac, Blackberry, or iPhone.

There are also another 100 FREE eBooks to download from Barnes & Noble. I'm having fun reading a book on my eReader right now...I like "flipping" the pages with my thumb. And, I can make the type really big so I can see it just fine.

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