All basic T-Shirts $1.99 at Charlotte Russe!

MOMS OF THE WORLD, you CAN shop at Charlotte Russe! Most of my wardrobe comes from Charlotte Russe. Alot of that store looks like Anthropologie, but I can get just about anything at Charlotte Russe for less than $10. So right now the folks at Charlotte Russe.com let me know that all their basic t-shirts can be had for $1.99. They are marked $2.99, but go down to $1.99 when you use the code BASICTEE at checkout. Stock up price for sure! Check it out here thru August 26.

*If you are an Ebates shopper, then go here first. Found Charlotte Russe. You'll get another 2.5% back as a shopping rebate. If you are new to Ebates, and this is your first purchase thru them, you'll also get a $5 bonus plus the 2.5% back (once you've spent $20 on-line thru Ebates)! Rebates from Ebates are awesome. They add up from all my on-line purchases I make thru them, and every quarter I get a rebate check!

Shopping Strategy Tip: This is how you slowly build you and your family's wardrobes one piece at a time at rock-bottom prices, while throughout the year filling that box in your attic with Christmas and birthday presents. When those holidays roll around, you're already done, and got it all for a fraction of the original price.

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