.25¢ School Supplies at Office Depot.

Take advantage of all the back-to-school rebate freebies and the HOT sales at Office Depot. Get the latest weekly deals from here. Thanks to Briana for the list this week.
This week, these are the deals to look for:
$0.25 Deals
Office Depot Pencils 12 pk.
Scholastic School Glue
Office Depot Poly 2 pocket Folders
Scholastic Crayons 24 pk.

$1 Deals
Papermate Pens 36 pk.
Office Depot Multipurpose Ream Paper
Office Depot Fashion Comp Books
Are you an Office Depot Work Life Rewards member? Details here. Once you are, you can score on different free-after-rebate items offered each week. I'm a member, and it keeps track of my purchases and then quarterly refunds me a percentage of my purchases as a gift card. Pretty cool. And I get special coupons mailed to me as well. The rebates you earn from free-after-rebate will be sent to you as a Work Life Reward in the form of a gift card for Office Depot.

Want to get your Work Life Rebate Freebies by purchasing on-line? Go to here.

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