Free Beech Nut babyfood + what to do with it.

Sign up here for the Beech-Nut eNewsletter and you'll get a FREE Beech-Nut Toddler "Let's Grow" Welcome Kit and Beech Nut baby food money saving coupons with your newsletter each month. This kit reportedly contains coupons for totally FREE babyfood. Woot! Thanks, Briana.

I actually still buy jars of babyfood. Why? I use a jar of baby sweet potato puree in anything that I make with tomato sauce: spaghetti, lasagna, etc. This way I'm sneaking a superfood vegetable into my family's food without them knowing it. And you know I love doing that. Just this Sunday there was a $2 off 10 jars of BeechNut baby food coupon in the paper, and I'll be putting that to good use and sneaking vitamins into the unsuspecting household meals. MWA HA HA *evil mommy laugh*.

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