Free cooking demos and tastings at Williams-Sonoma.

Visit your local Williams-Sonoma store and enjoy FREE Demonstrations and Techniques classes thru the end of August. This month they're featuring More Summertime Cooking. Click here for the demonstration and technique current calendars of events, and you'll have to contact your local store for confirmed times, as they vary from store to store. All you need to do is RSVP to be sure and save your spot.
What can you learn about and taste this month for FREE?
1. Creative Cupcakes
2. Basic Braising
3. Vinagrettes vs. Dressing
4. Spice up your Baking
5. Vegetable Medleys
6. Do-It-Yourself Donuts
7. Party Favorites
8. Flavorful Chilies

At select Williams-Sonoma stores, regularly scheduled demonstrations focus on seasonal foods and entertaining. (There is one almost every day!) All are led by culinary experts and offered at no charge.

Technique Classes
Williams-Sonoma offers hour-long technique classes at your local Williams-Sonoma store. Presented free of charge, each class is dedicated to a specific topic led by one of their culinary experts. Class size is limited, so be sure to reserve your space today.
Find more free Events here.

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