Kids get in free at Sea World San Antonio.

This summer, my family went to Sea World San Antontio for the weekend. We had never been so we had NO IDEA what to expect. We thought we'd see a dolphin show, some fish, who knows. Wow, were we happily surprised by the park! It's like an amusement park with rides, plus a bunch of little broadway shows, plus the biggest kids playgrounds, plus a water park all rolled into one. We could have spent several days seeing it all, but we did our best to cram it all in during one long day of fun, fun, fun. My family (and a bunch of other blogger's families) had a great time "testing out" the park!

Right now, your kids can get into Sea World San Antonio FOR FREE, and you only pay the Kid's Price for y'all adults! See details on their Facebook page here. How awesome is that. So if you're looking for a last hurrah before school starts, Luka says thumbs up. Don't forget to see the Azul's like Cirque de Soleil in the water. One recommendation I have when you visit the park: if your family likes to ride the rides, there is a Quick Queue bracelet that will let you jump to the front of the line! It's great if you're walking around with impatient little children.

Y'all going to Sea World Orlando or San Diego, don't despair! There's a deal for you too. You can get your kids in for just $5! Details here. Thanks, Kacy.

Find more free Events here.

Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: SeaWorld San Antonio graciously invited my family to be their guests at the park to facilitate my review. I did not receive any other compensation for this post. This post was not edited or reviewed by anyone.

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Teresa said...

We went to Sea World San Antonio last year and my daughter still talks about it. I think everyone should take at least two days to see and do everything. One day alone could be spent in the waterpark area. We had a blast! I LOVED the shows!