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Remember those old "Ring around the collar!" tv spots from our youth? I do! (ok, well maybe in MY youth, I am older than most of you I bet.) Wisk was the one who got out the stains. Did you know they were the FIRST liquid laundry detergent, introduced in 1956? And I'm sure the ring around the collar is just as prevalent today as it was then. And how about those little boy grass stains on the knees? The same. And Luka's toxic drool that turns all his shirts brown? Haven't figured that one out yet. And the lovely "I just drew on myself with daddy's pen" oops. I bet I have a higher incidence of that one that you do. And sadly, I can't seem to cook dinner in a white shirt. Really, I'm hopeless, especially when there is red sauce involved. I knew there was a reason my mom wore a "nana apron" every night, darn it.

There are hundreds of different stains but most stains fall into three major groups:
* Carbohydrates such as milk chocolate (Hello, Little Debbie on your t-shirt)
* Proteins such as grass
* Oils such as peanut butter (and Olive Oil, and PAM, and WD40)

The other groups of stains include:
* Bio such as blood (graphic design is a brutal occupation)
* Bleachable such as coffee
* Particulate such as dirt (dirt that your husband tracked in from the garden)
* Synthetic such as ink

Wisk says it's new powerful stain fighting formula doesn’t care which of these stains you encounter, it's new Stain Spectrum™ Technology will tackle them all. We shall see, as Wisk sends me different stain removal tasks to accomplish this month. How many pieces of clothing have I thrown out in the past few years because I couldn't get the stain out? At least 3 of mine, and easily 15 of Luka's.

Check it out yourself too! You'll find a $1 off Wisk Detergent coupon both here and here. It's priced around $6 for a 50oz bottle at most major retailers/grocers. "Like" them on Facebook here, and you'll get great tips and tricks for laundry.

Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: I was selected by Wisk to participate in The Wisk Project. While I have been compensated for my time and provided with product, my opinions are my own and I have not been paid to post positive comments.

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