Win some Galaxy Granola. (start pourin' the milk!)

Still on my quest for making small substitutions and additions to what my family eats to try and pump a little bit more good stuff into me and them. I sprinkle Flax seed meal on just about everything. Luka's cinnamon toast especially. SHHH! I secretly dump a jar of pureed sweet potatoes into my spaghetti sauces. And I just learned about leaner cuts of beef last week with some other Texas Mom Bloggers. (That tale will be coming up hopefully in video next week.) You saw my fabulous salad I made earlier today too, right?)

Now for breakfast. I have been know to often drive over to Vera's Panaderia for some delish Mexican pastries, who's names I cannot pronounce or remember. When it comes to nutrition, not the best choice I am told. So in my search for a more Pyramid fulfilling breakfast, I've been eating Galaxy Granola. With a handful of strawberries (for increased cognitive ability, cuz who doesn't need some of that). Why this particular granola?

Galaxy Granola is baked using applesauce intead of any oils. So it is 70% less fat than your typical granola (like Bear Naked or Nature's Path). You should be able to find it at Whole Foods and Safeway stores. And can I say it tastes awesome? It does! Everyone can sign up to win a free sample and a coupon here. They give away 1000 samples several times a month. Your name stays in the "pot" until you win. Sweet. They've even got recipes here. "Like" 'em on Facebook here. And, follow them on twitter here.

Win It:
Two of you can win a whole bag ($5.49 value) of Galaxy Granola! Just leave your name and email in a comment below and tell me what looks like your favorite flavor of Galaxy Granola! I'll leave this giveaway open until Friday October 8th at which time I'll randomly choose a winner. Please leave your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win!

Mommy's Wish List Giveaway Disclosure: Galaxy Granola provided the product for this giveaway, as well as sending product to my family. I did not receive any other compensation. This post was not edited or reviewed by anyone.

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Waiting IsFullness said...

Vanilla almond!

Anonymous said...

I think I would like the raspberry. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

kris said...

I've never had this brand, but since I LOVE granola, I'd love to try it! Thank you for the opportunity. :)

Jeff said...


Jeff in Wichita

Mary Katherine said...

Mary Katherine McElroy
Cranberry Orange

allthingsnew said...

My fave flavor looks like Vanilla Almond...I love both so it's got to be a good combo :)

stephanierosenhahn at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Mmm, cranberry orange sounds tasty!
Samantha Allen

Mommy's Wish List said...

This comment is for Debra:
DEBRA HIRE debrajhire @ thank you!!!!

Kristy said...

I want to try raspberry!

Anonymous said...

mm, they all look oh so delicious, but I think I'd love to try the vanilla almond :)

Yona Williams said...

Cranberry Orange looks tasty! Email: yona(at)

Helen G said...

Would love to try the Vanilla Almond.

onedayitwillbealright @ gmail dot com

bkavonmom said...

I would love to try Cranberry Orange

Ana said...

I have tried the vanilla almond, and would love to try the not sweet vanilla one, sounds like one I will love!

Emily said...

Would love to win! Yummy!

Unknown said...

Not sweet vanilla sounds good to me

Thanks for doing thew giveaway!

brantbacke at gmail dot com