$10 off $20 Office Depot printable coupon.

Wow, I'm stocking up on printer ink with this one! Or, if you're taking advantage of all the free-after-rebate items at Office Depot, reduce your out-of-pocket total with this $10 off $20 printable in-store coupon. Thank you, Mercedes. Coupon is good thru November 20th.

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How can you get those free-after-rebate items? Become an Office Depot Work Life Rewards member1 Details here. Once you are, you can score on different free-after-rebate items offered each week. I'm a member, and it keeps track of my purchases and then quarterly refunds me a percentage of my purchases as a gift card. Pretty cool. And I get special coupons mailed to me as well. The rebates you earn from free-after-rebate will be sent to you as a Work Life Reward in the form of a gift card for Office Depot.

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