25 free copies at Office Depot.

Are you an Office Depot Work Life Rewards member? Details here. Once you are, you can score on different free-after-rebate items offered each week. And, this week, you can score 25 free black and white letter or legal-sized copies at Office Depot with this coupon here. Coupon is good thru November 3rd, thanks Heather.

Now would maybe be a good time to make extra free copies of things that you consistently need to make a copy of: kid's birth certificates for traveling by air, kid's shot records for school, kid's grade cards for next year's school applications, your health insurance card, your driver's license and social security card, your prescription receipts for your Healthcare Spending Account at work.

Or, take your child's favorite coloring book, and copy all the pages they haven't colored yet. Now they have two sets to color! If you're really ambitious, write that Christmas Card "letter from our family" now and make 25 free copies for inserting in your Christmas Cards.

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