Join Starbucks Rewards program, get free coffee!

Got a Starbucks card for Christmas? Just have one sitting in your purse or wallet? Be sure and register for the Starbucks Rewards Program here. You'll earn rewards for using your card, AND get a free coffee drink of your choice on your birthday too! You'll be on their email list, and be the first to know about free coffee days, free pastry days, and all the specials and deals! Plus, once you earn 5 stars with that gift card, they’ll give you: Free Select Syrups, and a Milk-Free Refill on Brewed Coffee or Tea, and a Free Beverage with Whole Bean Purchase. Once you’ve earned 30 stars, you get: a Free Drink for every 15 Stars, a Personalized Gold Card, Personalized Offers and coupons!

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