Be a barbarian. Go to a museum.

It's Memorial Day weekend. Starting today. This weekend marks for me, the beginning of the Barbarian Season. What, you are asking yourself, the heck, is that? I'll tell you. I live with boys. Nine months out of the year, they are at school every day doing their homework, dressing in little golf shirts, listening and following directions.

Three months of the year, they are at home. With me. And for some reason being at home brings out the Barbarian in them. They eat with their hands. They run around naked. They pee in the yard. They throw things at each other. They see how many times and in how many different ways they can call each other a form of the word "underpants". Their brains become ruled by testosterone. Barbarians.

So what shall I do with these little Barbarians this summer? Take them to see their leader. Genghis Khan. The Barbarian to beat all Barbarians. Genghis Khan and all his worldly possessions are coming to visit the Irving Arts Center in Irving, TX this summer from June 1st to September 30th. And you bet we'll be there. The Irving Arts Center is hosting this awe-inspiring once-in-a-lifetime exhibit:
More than 200 artifacts including gold jewelry, weaponry, silk robes, currency, tomb treasures and more are displayed alongside video-screens, hands-on activity stations and role-playing kiosks to create an educational and historical experience for visitors of all ages.
I know my little Barbarians will be inspired. And perhaps they'll even wear pants.

Museums for All!
Want more info on going to museums nationwide this summer? Find out how to go for free to many of them all over the U.S. here and here. And, for military families you can find out how to get in free to museums this summer here.

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Anonymous said...

You could go to the Barbarian Festival in Cross Plains TX. It is June 11th. It is a festival commemorating the author of Conan the Barbarian comic strip. The author grew up in Cross Plains, which is about 3 hours west of Dallas.

Mommy's Wish List said...

Ok, now THAT is totally awesome. Thank you for the tip! I used to collect Conan the Barbarian comics when I was little.