Free RedBox Movie Rental code.

Seen a RedBox machine out in front of your local grocery or drug store? This unique free-standing movie rental kiosk is a do-it-yourself movie rental for $1. Or, for those with secret codes, it can sometimes be FREE. To use a code you will need to select “Rent with Promo Code,” enter code, select movie and continue to check out.

Here a new way to get a FREE code to use on the machine to get a free rental, thanks to Heather.  Here's how it works.

To get your code, go to their Facebook page here, "Like" them, click on "Free Movie Night" tab, then click on "Get My RedBox code". You'll get a unique code to use on Thursday, May 12th only.

Find your nearest RedBox here. There are 12,000 kiosks nationwide. You can follow the blog Inside RedBox here, to learn about the newest codes being released. (Usually they release a unique one to you on the first Monday of the month when you subscribe to get their text messages here.)

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