Confessions of an Aldihaulic.

I know there are bunches of you out there that have never set foot in an Aldi store. My husband is not one of you. He is an Aldihaulic. He makes up reasons he *has* to go to Aldi RIGHT NOW. And I let him, happily. He comes home with some hauls that even I can't believe. And, he does it all without coupons.

Friendly Farms milk is milk my kids like the best.

Can you get a bargain at Aldi?
Aldi does not let you use coupons. But, at Aldi, you can magically still get amazing bargains without them. It mostly has to do with Aldi's shelving strategy. Aldi likes to keep it's merchandise rolling in and out of the store at a high rate of speed. Thus, they will clear out a SKU at a rock-bottom price to make room for the next thing. It's this rotation of product SKUs that keeps my husband going back 2 or 3 times a week. That, and it's less than a mile from our house.

They also make excellent store-brand knock-off products, like chewy granola bars and fruit snacks, cereal, and other lunchbox items that my kids actually prefer to the brand names. Often these items are half the price of the brand-name.

Organic Food too.
Just announced on January 7th here, Aldi is now carrying their own Organic Line of foods, Simply Nature. One more reason to love them.

His latest Aldi haul? Milk for $1.69 a gallon. Giant Hams for $7 each (It will take us 3 dinners to eat one of these). Fit & Active Fruit Strips 8-count for .99¢ each. (For summer camp lunches, that makes each fruit strip only .12¢) Clancy's Cheese Puffs for $1.19. (By the way, Clancy's is Aldi's store brand of chips. And, these taste exactly like Cheetos.)

My favorite in-store brand at Aldi.
I'll personally vouch for everything in their Priano Italian brand line: gnocchi, sauces, tortellini, tapenade, olive oil, yum. Look for these SKUs to be seasonally cleared out. That's when you'll get sauce for 89¢ a jar, and canned tomatoes for a quarter. And they always have nice produce.

Want to go check out your local Aldi store now, don't you. I convinced my friend Hilary to give it a shot, and now she's hooked too. Beginners, get the Aldi lingo, background, and strategies for shopping here. Read that, because you'll want to know why you need to bring a quarter, and your own bags.

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