Traveling with kids this summer does not have to suck.

We had our first official vacation of the Summer of 2011 this past weekend. It was a whirlwind car tour of San Marcos and San Antonio TX, and everywhere interesting to eat in-between. (We're eaters. We travel from fried catfish to kolaches to queso. You cook it, we'll eat it.) 

Now I have to say that it takes ALOT of prodding to get me to go out of the house in the first place. And even more to convince me to be trapped in a car with Luka for 4 or more hours. Luckily, I have the World's Greatest Husband who acts as my travel concierge during every family trip. What does my travel concierge do? He makes the world revolves around me, of course. His reasoning is "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." as the old saying goes.

So when we embark upon a road trip for the summer these are Concierge Husband's Tips:

1. Find out where all public parks, swimming pools, donut shops, and ice cream parlors are located on travel route. Stop early and often. Don't even think about getting there "the fastest". Get there "the easiest and most pleasant" way possible.

2. Fill car with snacks, drinks, gum, books, toys, DVDs and a DVD player, and fill Luka's iPod with Tom & Jerry cartoons. Don't forget Luka's earphones or you will be singing the Tom & Jerry theme song all night long in your head.

3. Fill Mommy's iPhone with David Sedaris audio books. He will make Mommy laugh all the way there. She will remember what a dysfunctional family she was raised in, and what a functional family she lives with now. And I will sport a grateful smile in-between LMAO at Mr. Sedaris.

4. Find that one radio station that plays Hair Bands of the 80s continuously. Mommy will sing alot of Scorpions and Night Ranger songs and ignore Luka rubbing Cheetos Dust into his Max & Ruby DVD.

5. There needs to be a pedicure upon arrival for Pretty Princess Mommy. With beer.

6. Upon arrival, concierge husband and Quinn keep Luka in the pool as much as possible. Mommy can stay in the room and watch Law & Order, alone.

Overall, we've decided that summer vacations aren't about getting somewhere fast to spend maximum time at a destination. Vacations are supposed to be about taking a break from the ordinary, every day routine. So we stop for donuts alot. We hit all the swingsets. And we each do what we can to make our trip pleasant for everyone.

You want some concierge service on your next vacation? Well, you cannot borrow my husband, but you can set up your vacation, outing, or adventure thru JetSet Vacations.

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