#Dallas buy NorthPark Mall Gold for half-price from Juice in the City!

Hold on to your shopping hats, Dallas readers...I told you all about Juice in the City last month. It's a daily deal site built by moms, where moms find neighborhood deals, and it supports moms working at home! You've signed up, right? WELL YOU NEED TO RIGHT NOW.

Why? Because Juice in the City is adding "North Dallas" as a shopping area to their daily deals. And what are they launching with? $15 for $30 worth of NorthPark Gold! That's like buying money, folks. NorthPark Gold is the mall's gift certificates, that are good at just about any retailer in the mall. My kids have even asked if they can set up an account on Juice in the City and buy the gold. Because we practically live there. Lots of people give NorthPark Gold to teachers for teacher holiday gifts, to employees for recognition gifts, and well to their kids as an incentive program to keep them behaving and busy in the summer. (That is my evil plan)

So I'm letting you know ahead of time, to sign up now and then subscribe to the North Dallas newsletter. Then waiting by your email on Monday July 11th (or go visit Juice in the City ASAP that morning) when this deal goes live, because as of now, they are only selling 200 of these vouchers. And YOU SO WANT ONE!

And, you'll want to follow Juice In The City Dallas on Facebook here, for scoopage on all things Dallas-dealy.

Everyone else outside of Dallas: In case you want to know, Juice in the City right now offers deals from moms in your area below, and it's worth signing up, because in addition to these local deals, on-line deals for anyone do pop up! So pick your nearest city. There are local store deals in these cities:
Dallas (has a national on-line watch deal right now)
Fort Worth
Grand Rapids
Los Angeles
New York City
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
San Deigo
San Francisco
St. Louis
Washington DC

So go sign up for Juice in the City and see what goodies the moms in your neighborhood have found to share with you. It's ok if your city says "Coming Soon"...just sign in your email address and you'll be the first to know when it hits your city. When you sign up for Juice in the City thru the links in this post, you'll be supporting Mommy's Wish List and another mom, me!

Find out what other hot coupons I've blogged about here.

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