Half price 1 year membership to JumpStart Preschool on-line.

Almost a year ago, I told y'all about SavvySource. SavvySource not only has unique educational and cultural activity weekly deals for moms with kids, but it is unique in that 5% of your purchase goes to a preschool scholarship fund!

Today's great National deal:
Today, and most likely the rest of this week, you can get a year-long membership on-line to JumpStart and MathBlaster. Now, let me tell you why this is so awesome. We actually have old JumpStart CDs for Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1-3 grade that Quinn used on an old Mac Blueberry computer when he was very little. Now, Luka uses them on the same computer! This is before JumpStart was on-line.

And, I truly believe that JumpStart helped both of them learn everything a little one should know for preschool before they got there: shapes, colors, numbers, sequencing, patterns, even pre-reading and pre-math. Then, once they got thru the whole CD-Rom of preschool, they moved on to the Kindergarten and above CDs. Luka reads now by the way, and I'm sure JumpStart helped with his understanding of how reading works. Plus, he thinks the games are really fun, and doesn't even know he's learning.

So anyway, for $37 you can get a year of access to JumpStart and MathBlaster and your kid will learn so much and have fun with a trustworthly educational website. I am going to buy this membership and retire that old Mac computer and it's CD's and make things even easier for Luka because now he can do MathBlaster too (and he LOVES math).

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