Rubbermaid 28-piece storage container set less than $10.

Recently I ditched all my random odds and ends in storage containers, and got this exact set from Rubbermaid. Everything all "snaps" together and the whole set fits in one drawer now. There are many sizes and depths of containers, so I always have just the right size. And, I can microwave in them, freeze food in them, and run them thru the dishwasher. And they all match! It's storage containment heaven.

Right now, has this big ol' set on sale for $9.48, and if you choose "ship to store" there's no shipping charge, you just go pick it up at the desk in the back of the store. That is really easy, and I did it last Christmas for a bunch of things I ordered off Check out the Rubbermaid Storage Set here(This set is $14.92 on Amazon, so this is a score) Thanks, Alli.

Shopping in-store at Walmart
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