1¢ school supplies at Office Depot + more.

Let's get our school supplies ON at Office Depot this week. Here's the best things to snag, thanks to Crystal.
1¢ Deals:
Office Depot Multipurpose Paper, 8 1/2"x11" Ream $6.49 Get back $6.48 Mail-in Savings Visa Prepaid Card; Limit 2 Your price: $0.01 after Visa prepaid card Office Depot Plastic Ruler, assorted colors (reg. $0.99) Limit 5 Paper Pocket Folders (reg. $0.25) Limit 10

Other Deals:
$0.25 Deals
Marble Composition Books (reg. $0.99) Limit 5
Office Depot Bookcovers (reg. $1.99) Limit 5
Office Depot Compass (reg. $1.99) Limit 5
Office Depot Wood Pencils 12 pack (reg. $0.99) Limit 5
Scholastic Standard Crayons 24 pack (reg. $0.69) Limit 5
Schoolworks 5" Kids Scissors, blunt or pointed (reg. $0.99) Limit 5

$1 Deals
2-Sided Pencil Box, assorted colors (reg. $1.99)
Avery Self-Adhesive Reinforcements, white (reg. $3.19)
Fashion Color Rubberbands (reg. $1.99)
Liquid Paper Smooth-Coverage Correction Fluid (reg. $1.99)
Office Depot Plastic Rulers (reg. $1.49)
Paper Mate Expressions Ballpoint Pens 5 pack, black or assorted (reg. $4.49)
Pismacolor Magic Rub Vinyl Erasers 3 pack (reg. $3.19)
Really Useful boxes 0.2L & 0.3L (reg. $1.99-$2.49)
Sharpie Permanent Marker Singles (reg. $1.69)

$2 Deals
Elmers Xtreme Gluesticks, single (reg. $2.99)
Fiskars 7" Student Scissors 1 pk (reg. $4.99)
Office Depot Jumbo Paper Clips 100 ct (reg. $2.49)
Pacon Art Street Construction Paper Pack 9x12", 96 ct, assorted colors (reg. $2.99)
PaperMate WriteBros Grip Mechanical Pencils 12 pack (reg. $8.29)
PaperPro Nano Mini Stapler, assorted colors (reg. $4.19)
Poly Index Card Box with 100 Index Cards, assorted colors (reg. $2.49)
Post-It 3x3" Super Sticky Die-Cut Notes (reg. $3.19)
Use $1 off $5 or more purchase of Post-it Super Sticky Notes 8/14/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/18/2011)
Post-It Flags (reg. $3.99)
Use $2 of $5 or more purchase of Post-it Tab, Flag or pocket Product 8/14/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/18/2011)
Really Useful Boxes 0.55L, assorted colors (reg. $2.49)
Scholastic Notebooks, assorted subjects (reg. $2.99)
Sharpie Accent Generation Highlighters 5 pack (reg. $4.49)
Uniball Vision RT Bold 3 pack (reg. $8.29)

$3 Deals
Fasion Pencil Cup, white or black (reg. $3.99)
Fashion Sorter, white or black (reg. $5.99)
Liquid Paper Dryline Correction Tape 2 pack (reg. $7.49)
Office Depot Clipboard 9x12", assorted colors (reg. $6.29)
Office Depot Heavyweight Sheet Protectors 25 pack, clear or nonglare (reg. $5.99)
Water Bottle (reg. $5.99)

$4 Deals
Avery Write-On Plastic Dividers with Erasable Tabs 5 and 8 Tabs (reg. $4.99-$5.79)
Docket Legal Pad 3 pack (reg. $5.29)
Pentel RSVP Ballpoint Pens 12 pack (reg. $8.29)

$5 Deals
3M Fashion Labels, select (reg. $7.99)
Foray Rollerball Pens 12 pack (reg. $9.29)
Mr. Sketch Scented Markers 12 pack (reg. $7.99)
Make sure you are an Office Depot Work Life Rewards member to make the most of your office and school supply purchases this year! Details here. Once you are, you can score on different free-after-rebate items offered each week. I'm a member, and it keeps track of my purchases and then quarterly refunds me a percentage of my purchases as a gift card. Pretty cool. And I get special coupons mailed to me as well. The rebates you earn from free-after-rebate will be sent to you as a Work Life Reward in the form of a gift card for Office Depot.

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