National Geographic Kids Magazine $8 for 1 year.

Thru August 17th on Mamapedia's MamaSource Deals you can get a 1 year subscription to National Geographic Kids Magazine for just $8. How you ask? It says its $12, but if you use the code NATGEOK4 you'll get another $4 off, making it just $8. This magazine retails for $49 per year, so this is an amazing deal! Maybe your child's teacher would love a classroom subscription to this great kid's magazine? What a nice way to start the year and apologize in advance for anything Luka might destroy.

Here are all of the BIG coupon lists I've written about to sign up for, in case you missed one the last couple months. I really love using them now. They allow my family to eat out for less, go places for less, and even get things like haircuts for less. Every little bit helps.


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