Barnes & Noble: Children's Work Books 40% off.

People are always asking me why my kids are so smart. Lucky I guess? What did I do? What do they eat? Cheetos? What do they read? One of the things that Luka does (and he just turned 5 and reads at about a 2nd grade level) is work books. He calls these "puzzle books" and does two or three pages of a workbook in bed every night along with his bedtime stories that my husband reads him. I'm quite sure that making his way thru these work books since he was two has made reading and math second nature to him. And his vocabulary is immense. From my experience with Quinn and Luka, solving puzzles and brain teasers becomes an easy task when you practice it every day... it's the beginning of critical thinking.

I just saw that Barnes & Noble is marking down all their children's work books to 40% off. So I'm stocking up, and I thought I'd share my tip with you.

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