Amazon Kindle $79.

This weekend, Amazon announced that the new Kindle will be selling for $79!!!! The new Kindle Touch for $99, and the Kindle Touch 3G for $149. And la piece de resistance: The Color Kindle Fire will only be $199 (but won't ship until November 115th). It has never been more affordable to jump into the world of eReaders and leave paper books behind. *I am so jealous since I got my Kindle back when they were $249*. 

My friend Melody took all the hundreds of books she owned in her home library to Half Price Books and sold them back. With the over $1000 she made, she bought a Kindle and downloaded the ebook version of all her favorites. She was able to get rid of all the bookshelves taking up space in her dining room and turn that dining room into a craft/scrapbooking center. Pretty cool. And all her books are on one tiny Kindle. She and I even read The New York Times Sunday Paper on our Kindles.

And, there are so many free books you can download and read too. A big bonus for me is that I can make the type way bigger than a paper book, so I can see it really well. You can't do that with a paper book.

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