Daily Deal: $25 = $25 Gift Card at Michael's + $50 at

WeeklyPlus, a daily deal site is offering this combo deal today: For $25 you get a gift voucher to spend at any nationwide location of Michael's Craft Stores AND you'll get $25 credit to spend at on restaurant vouchers (which we all know that $25 credit equals at least $50 in restaurant vouchers. And if we save our credit and wait for the $2 days, it means ALOT more restaurant vouchers. Theoretically I'm planning on getting $300 worth of restaurant vouchers out of my $25 credit on the next $2 day. I hope my plan works!) I just bought my deal and you can get yours here. (Look for this deal under Dallas if it doesn't show up in your city.)

And if you haven't signed up for ALL the big-deal-a-day websites I've written about check out the Master List of Daily Deal Sites.

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Daily Deal: $25 = $25 Gift Card at Michael's + $50 at Tell-a-Friend

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