Getting your kids to help reduce your electricity bill.

Wanna get your kids jazzed about reducing your energy bill? TXU has created a new KidsPower free at-home energy audit for kids to do just that. It was developed for them by the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project, and gives kids great lessons on how their own home consumes energy.

You can check out the program here, and your kids can take these energy savings tips to the bank! There's a set of worksheets they can learn from and fill out to find out how THEIR home is doing energy-wise. Here are a few of the good ideas for helping kids save energy in that after-school time period:
1. After school snacks are great, but don't spend time staring into an open refrigerator while you try to figure out what to eat.
2. Instead of watching your favorite show right after school, have your mom set your DVR to record it, and watch it later. Watching your show after 7pm uses less energy!
3. Doing your homework right after school instead of playing on your game console uses less energy too. Save game playing for after 7pm.
4. If you need to do homework on your computer, unplug it and use battery power until after 7pm. That way you are not using electricity during the peak hours.
5. Of course, turn off lights and ceiling fans in rooms you are not using.
Even thought this program was created for TXU in Texas, these are good tips for all my national readers, so I thought I'd share the program with all of you.

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