Hot Product: Mercado Farmer's Market Bag.

Some of you have asked about my here's a little story about my best friend from college. Way back in the awesome 80s I was in art school with Peter Wachtel. He helped me perfect my football spiral, was my biggest personal cheerleader, and kept me from starving to death. (Peter hated pocket change, so he threw it on the ground behind him, where I promptly picked it up and used it as lunch money.) He even saved my life once. Really.

Peter is a dad and a product designer now, and quite successful at both. After designing toys and roller coasters, he's now designed something that I think all of you will want. It's just the best Farmer's Market or Produce bag I've ever seen. It's called Mercado (Spanish for "Market") and is being produced thru Quirky, an inventor's site. Right now, the Mercado is in pre-order phase, which means once 1500 are ordered (for $19.99 special pre-order price) it will be produced.

Why is the Mercado so cool? Check out this video that shows you how it works. How it doesn't squish all your delicate vegetables and fruits. How it has a lot of little extras that make shopping your store's produce aisle, or your local farmer's market so much easier. Once they are produced, Peter's going to send me a couple, and I'll give one away here. But you can order one now if you think it's as awesome as I do.

-Structured mesh holds shape of bag whether worn or placed on ground
-6 small interior pockets for delicates (tomatoes, pears, etc.)
-2 medium interior compartments
-1 large interior compartment with 2 elastic loops to hold bottles in place
-2 small exterior pockets for quick access items (cash, keys, etc.)
-Wide adjustable cotton strap to keep you comfortable

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