$1 off Carapelli Olive Oil & the proper olive oil taste test.

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Now I'm sure y'all have done some sort of connoisseur taste test of SOMETHING. Wine? Coffee? Bourbon? Your mother-in-law's gravy? *shudder* But have you done a proper Olive Oil Taste Test, hmmm? Carapelli Olive Oil wanted to make sure that your culinary education was not lacking in this regard. Carapelli is, after all, the number one Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Italy. Also, it's made in Florence. By Italians. Who probably have very nice shoes. And killer accents. (See, don't you love it already?)
When taste testing Olive Oil is is important to remember the Four S's: (Swirl, Shiff, Slurp, and Swallow) Kinda like wine huh? Note that I also like to include some wine in my Olive Oil taste testing, for ambience. And, you also might want to throw in some fancy bread to cleanse your palate in between S's. First, take this $1.00 OFF coupon at www.CarapelliUSA.com to your grocery store and score some 100% Italian Olive Oil for less.

Carapelli Olive Oil Varieties:
Premium 100% Italian: This version is made totally from the first cold pressing of the olives. It has an intense, robust flavor.
il Numerato: This one is very smooth, and has a low acidity. It is made from a delicate cold pressing.
Organic: Yep, they've got certified USDA organic Carapelli too made from organically grown olives and produced according to organic farming standards.

The Carapelli Four S's:
Swirl a bit of olive oil in a glass (like a wine glass). When you do this, it releases the oil's esters or aroma.
Sniff the olive oil in the glass. Decide if it smells fruity, strong, subtle...what do you think?
Slurp a tiny bit of the olive oil while you suck in a bit of air too. By doing this, you're spreading it out inside your mouth to get a fuller taste. You'll notice various flavors. Perhaps it tastes peppery, smooth, fruity?
Swallow the olive oil that you just tasted and there *should* be no aftertaste if it's a good one! How does it feel or taste going down your throat.

Ok, now eat some bread. Drink some wine. And pretend you're Sophia Loren.

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