Apple Mac Book Air $849.

OMG. This computer has NEVER been lower...Amazon just marked down the Mac Book Air to $849 here. (yesterday we thought it was a bargain at $898) Regularly this Apple computer is $999. I know, because I bought one for Quinn in August for school. This is the newest version of the Mac Book Air.

Mac computers are sooo worth the extra money because they last FOREVER. I've only had Mac computers, and my past two Mac laptops lasted 7 years each with no Geek Squading, no rebuilding or cleaning off the hard drive, no viruses. They both never broke, I just decided to finally upgrade to a faster bigger computer after 7 years. The older ones became little kid game computers AND STILL WORK.

And guess what else? You don't even need Microsoft Office software, because Mac makes a version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that is Mac based and each costs only $20. And lest you think you won't be able to use docs from work or send them back in Microsoft Office format, these programs are built so you can open any Microsoft Office file, work on it, and then export it back out as a Microsoft Office product.

If you were considering an Apple computer today is the day.

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