Kids: build a science lab for free at Lowe's.

If Luka had a twitter account...
hurricaneluka @mommyswishlist um, mommy? what happens if i mix these together.

mommyswishlist @hurricaneluka what? OMG back away from my make up table!

hurricaneluka @mommyswishlist don't worry pretty princess mommy. :-)  i just want to see what happens. did you see what happened in the kitchen when i mixed the milk and the lemon juice? gross.

mommyswishlist @hurricaneluka NO! *running to kitchen* your home is not a science lab little mister! i am not adam. you are not jamie. this is not mythbusters.

hurricaneluka @mommyswishlist ok, mommy. i will go to @lowes with daddy on Saturday. we'll make a science lab just like adam and jamie's. will that make you feel better?

mommyswishlist @hurricaneluka that is a fantastic idea, shortpants. u can make a science lab with dr daddy and a hammer at @lowes on saturday the 12th ok? 10-11am.

hurricaneluka @mommyswishlist mommy you are the awesomest. wanna see what i made by mixing hairspray with mascara while you we're in the kitchen. it's even more *awesome*.

Workshop Details:
You must sign up in advance for these free workshops, and a parent must be present at the workshop with the child.

Each workshop runs about an hour and is geared toward kids in first through fifth grade. Many of the projects are completed in less than an hour.

The first 50 kids to sign up for each workshop will get a kit, work apron, and safety goggles for free. Kids also get a badge and certificate when they complete their project.

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Pay it forward, people!
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