Zenni Optical: How NOT to pay full price for glasses.

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One new and continuing expense for me since turning 40 is eyeglasses. Going from 20/20 to tri-focals for my first pair wasn't the biggest shock to my was the (gulp) $700 I paid for the glasses. Progressive lens tri-focals ain't cheap, apparently. Ok, and I picked some sassy pink frames that weren't cheap either. This is what I get for using an eye doctor in the West Village. Who is very nice by the way, it's just like getting your eyes examined at Neiman Marcus. (Even this coupon mommy makes a purchase faux-pas now and then.)

But, now I know better. My next pair, are going to come from Zenni Optical. Zenni is an on-line glasses store with cheap eyeglasses starting at $8. Yes, you heard that right, $8. Shipping on any order, no matter how many pairs of glasses you order is only $4.95. So, for some sassy pink frames, even with my tri-focal lens and a sunglasses tint my total is only about $60 with shipping for these glasses that are pretty darn close to the ones I have now. And, with all the money I'm going to save, well there's this hot pink pair of boots I have my eye on...

I can also see how this might be a very suitable option for kid's glasses, as I can only imagine what Hurricane Luka would do to a pair of glasses on a monthly basis. (Having seen what he does to mine.) Having a spare pair or two might be a wise investment of a few bucks. And I'm losing my eyesight at a high rate of speed–30% a year. So I'm quite overdue for a new pair. And, I"m smarter now. Who can afford to pay $700 for glasses in this economy? Nobody.

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