YesVideo: 15% off making old holiday memories digital.

So, children of the 70s...you have photo album after photo album of *awesome* Christmas pics of you and your Patridge Family brothers and sisters in their *awesome* matching red velvet swing dresses and patent leather mary janes.

And, gosh, it'd be really hilarious to make a flip movie of all those pictures of you and your brothers and sisters opening your Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots and Baby Alive Dolls on Christmas Days of Yesteryear wearing footie pajamas and Dorothy Hamill haircuts and play it at the family Christmas get-together (but the tedious hours involved with scanning them all is right up there with cleaning the toilet).

And gee I bet your brothers and sisters, in return, would think it'd be great fun to post that picture of the time you glued cotton balls and kleenexes to your face in an effort to emulate Santa to Facebook to embarrass you (but technology is kinda baffling for us dinosaurs, eh? I hate you Facebook. I. Hate. You.)

But, in reality. I cannot do any of this myself. I admit defeat. I want to preserve my holiday memories in a way that pays tribute to the hours it used to take me to feather my hair. That really showcases what unbelievably bad taste in sofas my parents had. In a way that can really, you know, go viral on my sister's Google + account. Enter YesVideo. You box up all that crap...the photo albums, the VHS tapes, slides, 8mm, and you ship it to them and tell them what you want.

They scan it all in, and make it for you! And you can edit it all on-line into your piece de resistance for it's Christmas Dinner Debut. YesVideo can be your ultimate art department and IT department rolled into one.

Right now, you can use the code TRANSFER15 at YesVideo to get 15% off your service. Seriously, I have ONE and only one VHS tape of my mother. Soon, there will be no such thing as VHS, and then where will I be? I'd sooo love for that video to be a quicktime movie that I could have on my phone. I miss her very much. She rocked the bell bottoms.

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Pay it forward, people!

Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: This post is sponsored by YesVideo. All opinions and photos from the 70s are mine all mine.
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