Container Store: Free gift-wrapping and bow-making demos + 10% off coupon..

I am gift-wrapping challenged. Always have been. You'd think that someone who went to art school would be an expert gift wrapper. But alas. I suck at it. At least until I went to the The Container Store FREE bow-making workshop. Check with your local Container Store here to see what time this weekend they are holding their bow-making workshop! Typically they are around 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday both. Some stores even give away a gift card as a door prize to one lucky workshop attendee. Definitely check that out.

The Gift Wrap Wonderland at Container Store, and the gift wrapping workshop were eye openers for me. I learned how to wrap a gift so that the ribbon on the back is completely flat. I learned how to make a bow. A real bow. From scratch. I had no idea that you could MAKE bows, and not just buy them in a bag.

I got kind of dizzy looking at all the super pretty wrapping paper themes, glittery and shiny gift tags, springy ribbon, and even some super amazing didn't-know-I-needed-til-I-saw-it stocking stuffers. I also picked up the right tools to really do a nice job gift wrapping this year: wire ribbon for bow-making, a wrapping paper cutter tool (so very cool), double stick tape so you can see the seams on my paper, and the uber awesome NEAT ROLL slap thing that you put around the roll of paper in-between wrappings to keep it wound. *head smack* Why didn't anyone ever think of THAT before? And, I can get gift cards for my sisters-in-law so they can join me in the tribe of expert bow-makers.

Can't make it to the workshop? Never fear. There are videos that show you how to do it! Who knew! Find out how to make a fab Pom Pom Bow right here. And, when you sign up for their email newsletter here (upper right corner), the next day they'll send you an email coupon good for 10% off your next purchase (on-line or in-store). Sweet. Mine came with about a 3-week expiration date on it.

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