Free samples of from P&G + brand shopping strategies.

It is a new quarter in 2013, so you can go ahead and log in to (or sign up for) your P&G BrandSaver account, and request your quarterly sample pack here. This quarter you can ask for several different samples of P&G products all at once. Brands like Pantene, Tide, Downy, and Crest are often included.

How else can you get your favorite brands for cheap, or try them before you buy them?
1. Use a coupon to buy your favorite brands. Or to try new brands for less. You can print hundreds of coupons here, or visit my master list of printable coupon sites here to find more unique sources of printable coupons. And for you skeptics, yes there are often coupons for fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs, cheese and meat.

2. Check with the Grocery division of Amazon. A lot of times P&G and other big brands offer on-line coupons for your favorite products when you buy them in bulk from Amazon. See what coupons are available to use on Amazon here. You can also use Subscribe & Save to get an even better deal.

3. Visit your favorite brands websites, Facebook pages, and store samples pages like Target's. Brands offer free samples and special high value coupons constantly out there in the world. You can also just write your favorite brand an old-fashioned "Thank You, I Love You" note. When I've done this for brands I really love, they usually send me back an envelope of special coupons to try their products for free. Here are all the strategies I use when shopping for my favorite brands.

4. When you're at big stores like Target and Walgreens, look on end-aisle displays for the sales and clearance items. I find P&G brand items marked way down in these type of places, because the store is trying to clear off a certain type of product to make room for another one.

5. Try a store brand in place of a brand name. You might be surprised by the quality of Archer Farms at Target, or Friendly Farms Dairy or Priano Italian products at Aldi. Buying Save-A-Lot's pantry items like flour and sugar can save you big bucks too. (Then you can afford those Tide Pods, which never have a discount.)

Find more recent Swag I've blogged about to fill your mailbox with goodies.

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