iPods, iPads and iPhones cheap.

Can I tell you how many times our iPod has saved a family restaurant meal? We have an OLD Classic that just plays videos and music. And I loaded it up with all the free cartoons from iTunes. We take it with us to restaurants and pull it out for Luka when he starts getting antsy. And, voila, it's a lovely meal with a quiet 5-yr-old.

Can I also tell you how many of my neighborhood friends email me because their husband washed his iPhone and do I know somewhere to get another one cheap?

Why yes I do. I know where to get any sort of iPod, iPad or iPhone. From GameStop! Did you know that they are a seller of refurbished and pre-owned Apple electronics? Check it out here and see the ridiculous prices on Apples items. If you're replacing a broken phone, or getting your kid an iPod, I'd say this would be a good option to consider.

Don't forget: if you need Apple electronics accessories like connector cables and such, I've written about the cheapest source for those here.

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