4 tips for saving money on laundry.

One of the tasks the new year prompts you to undertake is an evaluation of your bills. How much does everything cost? Too much. How can we make it cost less? Yes please. Yesterday my husband did the obligatory yearly calling-of-the-cable-company-to-threaten-leaving-and-getting-offered-free-movie-channels-for-6-months.

Last week it was the redesignation of my car as a less-than-10000-miles-per-year-car on our insurance to get a lower premium. Sadly I have no where more important to go than to and from the bus stop every day. Before that? We filled the attic with a snowy bank of insulation in an effort to cut our heating and cooling bill. I can't find the Twister Game in there now, but that's another story.

Since he's doing the heavy lifting regarding lowering our bills, I figured I could tackle the laundry. One of the obvious ways to save money on laundry is to use cold water to wash everything. And although this lowers your energy bill because you are not heating up more water, it does make one's husband apprehensive as to the cleanliness of his stinky handball clothes. (Which are always washed by themselves anyway lest they touch MY pretty princess clothes with their manly stench.)

Gladly, we tried Tide Coldwater on said stinky handball clothes. In cold water. Actually, I tried it without telling him.

And it worked. I would actually attribute this more to the Tide and less to the cold water. Tide has always been the king of laundry detergent and has subsequently commanded that kingly price. (Which is why I always wait for a sale AND a coupon to get mine.) But if it actually works better, then in reality you may be less obviously saving money on laundry by having to wash items fewer times, therefore making them last longer, therefore purchasing clothing replacements less often.

Another less obvious way to save money on laundry is to NOT dry so many of your clothing items. They'll last longer and you won't be running the dryer as often. Hang up those tissue tees, leggings, and sweaters and then let your husband iron them for you. There is great self-satisfaction to be derived here.

Another money-saving laundry law that should be enforced is the teenage-boys-must-wear-jeans-more-than-once-before-washing rule. Especially those teenage boys who are dirt-averse, never spill their lunch on their pants nor surf on the trees in the cafeteria courtyard. Wearing an item more than once before washing cuts down on your laundry in general, therefore cutting down on your water and energy use.

However, this rule does not apply to 5-yr-old boys. Especially those who think uniform shirts are actually giant Kleenexes, who regularly do snow angels in grocery store aisles, and think that you should slide like you're makin' a home run back to your chair after throwing your bowling ball down the lane.

I've just thrown in another money-saving load. Sans the teenager jeans. Those I folded and put back in the closet. Shhh.

Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks on behalf of Tide. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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