Do you get cash back from your electric company? You should.

Of all the perks a company can give you for doing business with them, cash back has got to be one of the most tangible. Cash. Back. For doing something you were already going to do anyway....use electricity.

Rewarding good customer behavior is one way that companies keep their users happy. And getting paid a little bit extra to choose one company over another is the basis of any rewards program.

TXU Energy has given 30 million dollars BACK to it's customers in the Cash Back Loyalty Rewards Program. They've been doing it for five years.

Get Cash Back on YOUR Electricity
The hundreds of thousands of customers in the program used their TXU Cash Back Loyalty Rewards (in the form of loaded CitiBank Visa Cards) for groceries, eating out, and even to pay other utility bills. That's the way to make a utility really work for you, huh? Do you have a cash back reward program with any of your utilities or credit cards? How do you spend that money?

Even though this program was created for TXU in Texas, this is useful information for all my national readers, so I thought I'd share the program with all of you. You ALL can be a part of this great growing trend of companies PAYING BACK THEIR CUSTOMERS by taking this little survey here. It only has 8 quick click questions. Because you guys are the experts stretching your dollars using programs like this, coupons, RRs and ECB, and other budget tricks, your answers are especially helpful!

Win $10,000 Cash:
Would you like a chance at winning $10K in extra cash from TXU? Visit their Facebook page here to celebrate their 5-year milestone with the Cash Back Loyalty Reward program. It’s open to anyone 18 or older who’s living in a competitive electricity market and runs through March 31.

All you have to do to enter is:
· Go to the TXU Energy Facebook Page here
· Click on the “Cash Rewards” link
· Once you’re on the contest page, click “Like” and share how you would spend/use $10K in extra cash.

I entered. If I won the $10,000 I'd buy a new back door. My dog/beaver has eaten thru the one I have. A hole in your back door is NOT energy efficient.

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Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: This post is sponsored by TXU Energy. I am a TXU Energy Mom.
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