Entertainment Books $19.99 + free shipping.

One of my family's favorite resources for eating out and entertainment coupons is my Entertainment Book. (Yes they are still around!) This old tried-and-true coupon book that looks like a small phone book, is jam-packed full of half-off eating out coupons, half off museums and mini-golf and even movie tickets.

One of the favorites we use all of are the fast food coupons. Grabbing a breakfast burrito at Sonic on Saturday morning? Buy one, and get one free.

My teenage son was the shizz this past weekend when he was able to buy one hamburger at Hunky's and get one free for one of his little girlfriends when he went out for lunch with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood. Yep, he used an Entertainment Book coupon.

We have this year used our Entertainment Book to get cheap hotel accommodations in Des Moines for Christmas at a really nice hotel. We use Dick's Sporting Goods coupons to get t-ball gear for the kids on my husband's t-ball team. It has more than paid for itself. We have eaten out for cheap, and hit all kinds of entertainment venues and retailers for half price all over Dallas.

BUT, now you can get the 2012 Entertainment Book for $19.99 with free shipping!(Thru February 26th) When you do the math, it's like they're paying YOU to take this huge awesome coupon book off their hands. The coupons inside are good thru November, so you have lots of time to make the most of it!

If you choose to order an Entertainment Book from a link in this post, you'll also be supporting this blog. Thanks!

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