Kids: build a wooden Valentine's Card Creator Kit for free at Lowe's.

Dear Luka,
You are the craftiest little 5-yr-old boy I know, so I KNOW you would love to go make this Valentine Creator Kit at Lowe's on Saturday. The free kids craft at Lowe's will help you make all your Valentine's for the party next week at school. And, you can make all by yourself with your favorite tool: The Hammer of Thor! Look at all those awesome stickers. I expect to see those on your Valentine's and not stuck on the wall behind the TV in the kitchen. Which is where I found all your popsicle paper wrappers last night.

Please go to Lowe's promptly at 10:00am on Saturday, February 11th (Preferably for as long as possible) Bring daddy. Since you can't drive and all. Maybe you can swing by Jack in the Box and get mommy her favorite breakfast food of 2 crunchy tacos and an egg roll, cuz you know what I love for breakfast and gosh but I love Jack in the Box too for thinking outside of the box when it comes to breakfast food.

Thanks. Love ya, Mommy.

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