Cheap Super Bowl Party appetizer recipes.

My family does shop at Save-A-Lot. What do we like about Save-A-Lot? You can get the staples for WAY cheaper than at a full-size grocery store. We are also in love with their store brand J. Higgs ridged potato chips, which are only .99¢ a bag. Very tasty! Not to mention, bananas are always .33¢/lb every day there. I find that the Save-A-Lot store brand items are every bit as good as name brand ones. But, Save-A-Lot carries name brand items as well.

Save-A-Lot has a new promotion for February in some areas called 10 for $10. There will be tons of items for just $1 in this sale, and some of them are amazing in my opinion: Butterball Turkey Bacon, Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs or Bologna, boxes of chicken strips and meatballs, ground turkey, Hormel Pepperoni, baby carrots, 3 tomatoes for $1, red and yellow peppers, Totino's Pizza Rolls, Progresso Soups, Pringles, bags of frozen french fries, and more!

See the whole list here. (and hopefully your Save-A-Lot has the same deals mine does) And, the best part? You can use coupons at Save-A-Lot, so you can make these deals work harder. I know I'll be stocking up my freezer with a lot of these specials.

If you are not signed up for the Save-A-Lot Smart Shoppers Club, you should be. You'll get a $5 off $25 coupon just for signing up.

Your local Save-A-Lot has printable coupons too, for their in-store brand products, and they also accept manufacturer's coupons as well. Here's the how-to for Save-A-Lot. You can also find some easy recipes using ingredients from Save-A-Lot here. And find your local circular here. I love that their stores' mission is to help families get what they need for less.

Serving up snacks for a Super Bowl party? 
They've put together a full menu below for you, using Save-A-Lot ingredients, with prices. You have throw the whole party for about $26.

Big Game Chili
Ground chuck ($3.99 for two pounds)
Marcum Chili Seasoning packets (3 for $1)
Wylwood Kidney or Chili Beans (65 cents)
Diane’s Garden Tomato Paste (39 cents)
Diane’s Garden Diced or Stewed Tomatoes (65 cents)
J. Higgs Crackers (89 cents for a 16-ounce box)
Total cost: $7.57

Meatball Marinara Sliders
Leading national brand family-size meatballs in marinara sauce ($2.00)
Dinner rolls (12-count $1.99)
Cheese slices ($2.29)
Total cost: $6.28

Hot “Drummies”
New SAL-brand Hot Wing Sauce ($1.29)
Chicken drumsticks (89 cents per pound, two pounds)
New SAL-brand blue cheese dressing ($1.99)
Total cost: $5.06

Chips ‘n Cheese Dip
Senora Verde Tortilla Chips (99 cents)
Senora Verde Tomatoes & Green Chilies (49 cents)
Country Crossings Marvella Cheese Spread ($3.49 for 32 ounces)
Total cost: $4.97

Three 2-liter bottles of Save-A-Lot brand sodas (69 cents)
Total cost: $2.07

Grand total: $25.95

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