How to curb kid's potty mouth.

Since it's National Children's Dental Health Month and all, I'd like to say a few words about the part of a 5-yr-old's mouth that doesn't get discussed much: his vocabulary. Come to my house and you will probably hear me say:

"That's a potty word, Luka. You can only say it in the bathroom. If you feel like you really have to say it, go in the bathroom and say it all you want. You can say it really LOUD in there."

The first time I said this to Luka and his friend Luis, they were dressed like Batman and the Red Samurai Power Ranger, respectively. They were running around the house waving light sabers at each other and cursing like drunken sailors. Which, for a 5-yr-old means liberal use of the words poopie head, tooter, and pee-pee face.


They stopped mid-toot.

"Take your potty mouth to the bathroom. Say poopie-head as much as you want in there. Then you can come back out when you're done."

Knowing that little boys are gonna do it anyway, Luis' mom and I had decided that giving them permission to do it and a venue to do it in would take all the glamour out of using the words that they're not allowed to say at school. The words they keep bottled up all day long til they come home and explode them all over us. The words they dream about. It doesn't help that Junie B. Jones uses those words liberally in her books, either. Not to mention Dav Pilkey and Super Diaper Baby. *sigh*

I used to say:


Which garnered me a snarl and a sticking-out-of-the-tongue.

Now, by telling them it's ok, they've actually curbed the potty talk down to a minor infraction every once in awhile. Luka's kindergarten teacher has even picked up this technique after the rash of not-getting-a-sticker-on-your-chart-because-of-potty-language going around.

Mommy vs Potty Mouth? Mommy wins.

Your turn:
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