Claritin Children's: $2 printable coupon + free Madagascar stickers.

Do your itchy sneezy children need some Children's Claritin? Mine sure do. And man, it's been serious allergy season here in Dallas for the past few weeks. I heard it's the worst year ON RECORD. Plus the wind will not stop blowing which I fear only makes it worse.

Children's Claritin coupon:
The good news? There's a pill for that. There's a great new $2 off coupon for Children's Claritin here. (as well as coupons for all the Claritin products). I actually take the kid's grape chewables myself, since I am very sensitive to any medication. The kid's chewables are just the right dose for me it seems. Plus, they taste like a grape sweet tart.

Want to learn some strategies for managing your child's springtime allergies better? 
Check out Claritin's Clear to Enjoy Spring: The Allergy Guide for Moms and Kids. It's got: information that will help moms have more productive conversations with their pediatrician and children about their symptoms, helpful tips on alleviating children’s allergy symptoms, plus fun spring activities parents can enjoy with their children.

You'll get 5 free Madagascar 3 stickers in specially marked packages of the Children's Claritin liquid or the chewables. And who doesn't love stickers of Marti, Alex, Gloria, and Mellman? Madagascar 3 comes out June 8th and this time the animals escape to Europe. As a circus. And you know we'll be there, all stickered up.

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Mommy's Wish List Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Claritin, who provided my family with Children's Claritin and copies of all the Madagascar Movies to enjoy sneeze-free.

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