Kindle Book: Grow your own vegetables. FREE.

Last year, I grew some tomatoes in a pot on my porch. This year, I'd like to be a little more ambitious. Check this out: download this Kindle book for FREE right now: The EVERYTHING Grow Your Own Vegetables Book from Amazon here.

Are you enjoying reading on a Kindle as much as I am? The Kindle is a reading machine made by Amazon smaller and thinner than most novels. It allows me to make type so big it would make the Readers' Digest Large Print editor sit up and take notice. Now I am able to resume my previous hobby of reading every book on the planet. I used to be a librarian remember? I'm back to tracking my books on GoodReads! And, did you know the Kindle is NOW only $79!

**You can also choose from HUNDREDS of free ebook downloads to read from Amazon right here. I check it weekly to make sure I don't miss a good one!

Don't have a Kindle, but want to read all these great free eBooks anyway? You can also get Kindle software for your PC here. Or even read it on your iPhone with the Kindle Reader app here. Kindle Reader for your blackberry here. And Kindle for Android here.

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